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Last weekend, I went back to Kingston with a good friend of mine and reminisce our uni days over bento. We decided to stuff our faces with Japanese food so we went to Satori.


We decided to get some grilled duck gyoza and steamed pork and cabbage dumplings. The dumplings just filled with flavours and it they all burst in your mouth. The duck gyoza was a bit dry but it was very well seasoned.


We also had some sashimi that contains salmon, tuna and mackerel. All very fresh and delicious. I am not big in raw fish but I really enjoyed this dish. The other sushi we had was my favourite, it’s soft shell crab tempura with Japanese pickles and spring onions.


The crab was crispy on the outside and really juicy inside and the flavours goes well together. They were quite big which makes it hard to put it all in my mouth but I’m not complaining because that over all the experience was really good.