City Made of Lines – London Pt. 1



Lumiere London (King’s Cross)


The Birdcage. As soon as you get out of the station, this piece of installation is the first that you will encounter. The light will seduce you to explore, the piece was designed by Jacques Rival a French artist and architect. The birdcage invites people to go in and play with the swing. The neon colours were used to attract the masses. The bars are equally spaced out allowing people to go through it. Beautiful, mesmerising piece.


Litre of Light by Mick Stephenson. This installation is the most intriguing piece in the whole exhibition in King’s Cross. Not only it looks beautiful but it could possibly help resolve climate change that our planet is currently experiencing. It’s sustainable and it provokes a thought. The installation consists of bottles filled with water and bleach. It was lit with some neon light bulbs but the theory is when the bottle was exposed to sunlight it could generate light just as much as a 55-watt light bulb. This was introduced to communities in developing countries and post-disaster areas worldwide.


Dresses by Tae Gon Kim a French-Korean artist. This ghost-like installation is made of a light fabric with neon lights attached to it, and the colour changes therefore it creates a series of dresses. My first thought about this installation is that I really want to wear that dress. But as I stood right in front of it, watching the colour fade into another shade, made me think of a person who was once meant the whole world slowly fading away. Just like a ghost that resembles the dress. This was an emotional roller coaster piece of art.


Light Graffiti by Floating Pictures. This was the most fun installation. It’s interactive and you get to paint the town in different colours of light.


Binary Waves by LAB(au). These panels situated in a linear form right next to the river is installed with infrared sensors to capture electromagnetic waves from our mobile phones, radios and cars. It then transform these waves into light, sound and colour. Probably the most high-tech piece of installation in this exhibition.


I didn’t get the chance to cover all pieces, I wish I could have but time was just not on my side. Hopefully when they come back next year I’ll be able to cover all of them.